Our Savior Photo Galleries
2016 November 16 Our Savior Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner
(Pre-)Thanksgiving dinner for the community with canned goods
and monetary donations going to Lakeland's local food banks.

2016 Oktober 22nd PolktOberfest at Our Savior Lutheran
Had a traditional Oktoberfest meal, games and silent auction.
Much fun was had and much good (German) food was eaten.

2016 March 7 Bethany College Band Tour Concert at OSL
The Bethany Lutheran College Band and Jazz Band played a
concert on their (Spring break) tour of Florida ELS churches.

2016 February 19 Our Savior Ladies Annual Spaghetti Dinner
Our Savior Ladies host a Spaghetti Dinner for the community.
About ninety hungry pasta eaters enjoyed good food and fun.

2016 January 22 Our Savior Annual Fish Fry and Birthday
Our Savior hosts an annual Fish Fry for the community.
Over 150 people ate fish And celebrated pastor's birthday.

2015 December 12 Our Savior Christmas Dinner Party
Saturday, December 12th Our Savior members families
gathered for good food, good carols and good cheer.

2015 November 29 Our Savior Ladies Advent by Candlelight
The evening of November 29th Our Savior ladies hosted their
annual Advent by Candlelight in the fellowship hall at church.

2015 November 15 Mariah Elizabeth Sawyer Confirmation
Catechumen Mariah Elizabeth Sawyer confirmed Nov.15, 2015
Photos of confirmation and family relatives at Our Savior.

2015 Oktober 18 Oktoberfest Meal & Fellowship at OSL
We had a traditional Oktoberfest meal on a Fall Sunday night.
Much fun and this year NO Police or Fire Dept. shut us down.

2015 May 6th and May 24th Baptism of Blake Daniel Koehler
On May 6th Blake Koehler of Paul & Daniella Koehler was
Baptized at OSL. Then May 24th a Baptism (re)Affirmation.

2015 January 18 Our Savior 30th Anniversary Celebration
On January 18th, 2015 Our Savior Lutheran of Lakeland
celebrated 30 years of God's grace with worship & meal.

2014 March 16 Our Savior Family RiB-BQ Picnic
Family and friends of Our Savior had a fun Sunday RiB-BQ.
Eddie Greene "Southern Food & Barbeque"  863.557.5592

2014 March 9 OSL Fellowship Hall Transom Windows
OSL Fellowship Hall (& offices) have semicircular transom
windows. 16 Christian images done in (pseudo)stained glass.


2014 March 8 FL Women's Mission Rally at Our Savior
Our Savior Lutheran (Ladies) hosted the Spring Mission Rally
~ 40 ladies of the FWMS Florida Womens Mission Society

2014 January 24 Our Savior Annual Fish Fry
Our Savior hosts an annual Fish Fry for the community.
This year's had banner attendance of ~150 fish eaters.

2013 December 25 Christmas at Our Savior
Our Savior Luth. decorated for a recent Christmas celebration.
Photos of some of Our members, families on Christmas Eve.

2013 November 24 Jonathan Sawyer Jr. Confirmation
Recent catechumen Jonathan Sawyer confirmed Nov.24, 2013
Photos of confirmation and family relatives at Our Savior.

2013 November 3 Prescott Dux Confirmation
Recent catechumen Prescott Dux was confirmed Nov. 3, 2013
Photos of confirmation and celebration dinner at Our Savior.

2013 October 25 Bonfire and Hayride at Our Savior
An impromptu bonfire and hayride on an Autumn Friday night.
Much fun was had by all 'til Police & Fire Dept. shut us down.

2013 - Present OSL Signs Sampling of Attention Getters
Our Savior has a nice changeable sign on Socrum Loop Road.
Our pastor found the key and letters for it. Help us. ...Stop him.

2013 April 7 Rev. Andrew Burmeister Installation
On April 7th, 2013 Rev. Andrew R. Burmeister was installed
as Our Savior Lutheran's sixth pastor. Chicken dinner followed.


1985 - 2005 OSL Photo History for 20th Anniversary
This is a collection of photos of the first Twenty years of OSL
taken and presented at the 20th Anniversary of Our Savior.

2005 November 13 Our Savior 20th Anniversary
Photos of the 20th Anniversary special Worship service
of Our Savior Lutheran Church on November 13th, 2005.


2005 October 22 Our Savior OctoberBlast
Our Savior has put on a family fun day in the Fall: Oktoberfest
Photos here were taken at the 2005 event held at Our Savior.

2001 Our Savior Stained Glass Windows
Our Savior members made possible the (additional) beautification
of the (recently completed) sanctuary with stained glass windows.

We resolve to preach nothing but Jesus Christ and Him Crucified. ~ 1 Corinthians 2:2